Financial Literacy Training

Financial Literacy Training

Creating a Strong Financial Foundation is the financial literacy component of The ELY Program. Delivered in collaboration with Oregon State Credit Union, you receive professional budgeting and money management training. Creating a Strong Financial Foundation teaches you to take a pro-active approach to managing your money; even if you do not currently have an income, you need to learn the sound financial and money management tools that will assist you in the future.

Learn how the spending and saving choices you make today will positively or negatively impact your financial future. Your spending and saving choices can impact your credit score, the ability to secure loans and credit, interest rates, the ability to finance a car and the ability to rent or purchase a home in the future. Create a budget, learn to be a smart consumer, how to balance a check book and learn strategies to protect yourself from the growing threat of identity theft.

Financial Literacy Components

  1. Creating a Strong Financial Foundation
  2. Give Yourself Some Credit
  3. The Mechanics of Checking and Savings Accounts
  4. ID Theft: Understanding and Protecting Yourself